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Sushi History


Sushi History

Sushi is one of Japan's most favorite traditional foods. Its main ingredients are cold rice seasoned with vinegar and ingredients such as fish, seafood, vegetables or eggs. Its taste is delicious and very popular with Japanese people.

How much do you know about the origin of sushi?

Sushi comes from Japan, and like other Japanese cuisine, "color" distinct points. When making, put fresh sea urchin yellow, abalone, peony shrimp, scallops, salmon roe, cod fish white, tuna, salmon and other seafood cut into pieces on snowy white glutinous rice balls, after kneading and then coated with fresh green Mustard sauce, and finally into the antique porcelain dishes.The earliest sushi
The earliest sushi was a small piece of food that was eaten with rice and fish sauce. Nowadays, there are many types of sushi that can be put in a lot of stuff, but it must be eaten. Japanese sushi was completed in 1927 in the safe passage of the Codex deed, it has been recorded. Sushi at the time refers to a way to save fish. Apply salt to the fish, squeeze it with heavy weights and allow it to ferment naturally. When the sour taste, you can eat, its taste is very good.
Sushi is also divided into two major factions
Japanese sushi is divided into two major factions: one is Edo faction, holding sushi; the second is Kansai faction, box sushi (Osaka's most famous), in contrast, holding sushi makes everyone favor. Because it does not use any mold, thanks to the sushi master hand-made, not only to ensure that the particles of rice mellow, while effectively maintaining the mellow mellow.
Among them, "holding sushi", in the entire field of food, should be considered a very unique one. The most mainstream, but also the most stress, belonged to "grip sushi." Different fish, knife, thickness, and even seasoning, there are different ways. Just as the order of tasting must be from champagne, white wine, to red wine, liqueur or spirits, eating sushi is also in the order of importance.
There are twelve kinds of sushi
1, roll sushi: Shop a layer of seaweed (seaweed) in the small bamboo curtain, and then shop a layer of rice, placed in the middle of the ingredients, rolled up into a long roll, and then cut into small pieces.
2, too roll: a relatively long diameter roll sushi, usually several kinds of ingredients.
3, fine volume: As the name suggests, is relatively fine, usually only contains a kind of ingredients.
4, hand roll: sushi rolled into a cone (similar to ice cream cone), more difficult to use chopsticks, so usually eat by hand.
5, in the volume: the seaweed wrapped in the most central ingredients, then wrapped rice. Sprinkle a layer of the outermost or have sesame seeds, roe, crab seeds and so on.
6, warship volume: rice wrapped in seaweed oval shape, ingredients put on the surface. Sushi
7, sushi: also known as sushi or overnight sushi, mainly popular in Japan's Kansai, is the use of long wooden (lock box) aids in the production of sushi. The producer first spread the ingredients in the bottom of the box, put the rice, and then force the box lid down. Sushi made into a square, and finally cut into pieces.
8, grip the sushi: Japan's rise in the Edo era, producers hand holding a piece of rice, coated with a layer of wasabi (Japanese mustard), and finally spread the ingredients. Depending on the type of ingredients, sometimes a piece of seaweed tied together. In Japan, the term "sushi" refers more to sushi rolls, without explanation.
9, Inaba sushi: with ingredients loaded with rice. Common ingredients are fried tofu skin, fried eggs, Cabbage (broccoli) and so on.
10, scattered sushi: Sushi and slightly described earlier. Scattered sushi is divided into two kinds, one in the meal by adding chopped fish, shellfish, vegetables and other ingredients stir evenly after eating, and the other is on the white rice neatly put a variety of cut in advance Ingredients scattered sushi rice.
11, before the Edo Izakaya sushi: common in the Kanto region, sprinkled ingredients in the bowl of rice.
12, Wu Mu San sushi: common in Kansai region, ingredients mixed into the bowl of rice on the Sheng.
Eat sushi to swallow
Eat sushi, pay attention to the integrity of food is the whole piece of sushi to eat, the only way to really taste out the delicious sushi, sushi rice and sashimi flavor to be fully compatible, the cheeks Filled between, without leaving a glimmer of crevices, then the taste of Luzhou nowhere to escape, in the mouth a long time hovering, twists and turns.
You eat sushi is not only eat, but how to develop the sushi little knowledge? After booking a small secretary of the intensive teaching, I believe you will no longer be "sushi blind," but turned into authentic "sushi master."

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