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Global Sushi Hot Tuna Catches


Global Sushi Hot Tuna Catches

Great appetite increased fishing

For 3000 years, fishermen have been fishing for tuna in the Mediterranean. But Diego Crespo, a Spanish fisherman, said this year may be the last year he has been in the industry because of a sharp drop in the number of tuna and a much smaller fish than before. The company is located in:
As reported by Reuters on 1 October, the Atlantic Tuna Conservation Board said that people's preference for tuna sushi has led to overfishing and that a species called "Atlantic tuna" is on the brink of extinction.

Chase huge profits fishing
Sources said that catching tuna in the Mediterranean has become a "big sale," and one of the largest tuna ever sold for 15,000 U.S. dollars. Every year many fishing boats join the fishing army. The company is located in:
Ten years ago, the advent of "tuna fish farms" has greatly contributed to the development of this industry. The breeder places a giant cage under water, feeding tuna with squid and sardines. The tuna salvaged are frozen and sent to Asian countries. Of the best restaurants in Tokyo, 100 grams of red tender tuna meat can sell for about $ 75.
Some environmentalists said that in order to chase profits, many fishing teams illegally used surveillance planes to track fish stocks in the air and direct their fishing.

Endangered fisheries damaged
Global tuna catches have been increasing in recent years. According to the statistics released by Japan's Fisheries Agency, at present, the annual catch of tuna is as high as 2 million tons in the world, about doubling over 30 years ago. The company is located in:
Some tuna populations are already on the brink of extinction, such as Atlantic tuna, which weighs half a tonne and swims faster than the average car. Susannah, who works on tuna conservation, said: "There are many signs that the population is about to die." The Tuna Commission estimates that the existing tuna population in the Mediterranean is only 6% of the original.
This phenomenon has a direct impact on the fishing industry in various countries. Spanish fishing nets have been able to catch 2,500 tons of tuna in previous years, while the volume of fishing this year has dropped sharply to 1,300 tons. The fisherman said: "Few tuna caught more than 200 kilos this year."

All countries join hands in emergency operations
Extinction of tuna can lead to other undesirable consequences. Susannah said: "The carnivore, a tuna, is at the top of the Mediterranean food chain and if the population is extinct, the entire marine biosphere will become unstable." Thus, protection of tuna is of crucial importance to the Mediterranean region. The company is located in:
Earlier this year, the International Commission on Atlantic Tuna Conservation held a meeting in Japan with 43 countries and regions, deciding to reduce tuna catches by 20% in the Atlantic and Mediterranean regions by 2010. In view of the inability of many countries to effectively stop overfishing, the Commission decided in September to prohibit fishing for tuna in the second half of 2007 and warned fishing nations to prosecute if they could not prove that they had stopped fishing. Rhododendron (Xinhua News Agency Zhuangao)

"Speed master" tuna
Tuna, also known as "tuna", is widely distributed in the Pacific, the Atlantic and the Indian Ocean.
The tuna body is spindle-shaped with its powerful muscles and crescent-shaped caudal fin for quick swimming, typically from 30 to 50 kilometers per hour and up to 160 kilometers per hour, even faster than the animals that run fastest on land. As tuna must always maintain rapid swimming in order to maintain the body's supply, coupled with activities only deep in the sea, so meat tender and delicious, and is not polluted by the environment, is a modern healthy food.

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